Thursday, 4 August 2011

The heat is on for the perfect scone!

What would be better than lying snug on the lounge, tucked in with your hands wrapped around a warm cuppa in a cold winters day? Nothing I suppose. But this could probably be deviated to a similar and yet enjoyable experience with some company, of course!
It was a Saturday afternoon, and having clocked out from work much earlier than expected, I decided to check out the Aroma Festival at The Rocks. This place is my stomping ground ♥ (Walking through old edifices is like venturing history. It simply lights up my spirit!) So I got there and learned it isn't starting 'til Sunday. I thought I could just take a stroll and fully satisfy my admiration for this place.
I had my eye on this little Irish shop on George Street. They had everything lucky, clover, green-everything Irish! But there was something else. Just at the rear of the shop was a café. The squeaky wooden floor and narrow corridor led me to a surprising sight- a little heritage brick tea room that's probably a century old! There truly is something about small cafés like this. The type that features a rustic figure, and a beautiful hint of vintage usually epitomizing the "traditional" of cultures. This brings about a heartwarming experience-transporting you to a totally different place-a place you'd always want to go back to.

This Irish café previously known as Tara Tea Room, is now the Tea Cosy. They serve scones *like your grandma used to make*, and hot bevvies. But  with scones, there has to be a twist-a choice from an interesting assortment of jams, with real clotted cream of course! I immediately felt the urge to come back and try their devonshire tea (scones with tea or coffee). And so I did...the following day!

Jacqui, Darwin and I had a quick look at the festival. We started off with devonshire tea for breakfast...under my influence *wink* First impression of the place: "Wow, this is really cozy". Our faces glistened with joy and satisfaction as we chatted along and sipped our tea. I love being in a place like this, a humble atmosphere that values friendships, conversations and the comfort your heart needs ♥ You'll never even think it's in the middle of the busy city!

Irish Breakfast tea and freshly baked scones 
with pawpaw, lime and passionfruit jam

A genuinely scrumptious scone is light and moist in texture, best served warm and the ultimate favourite that reminds you of home. Not all food joints manage to take it to this point though. Pastry and bread-making are indeed extremely arduous jobs according to most chefs, needing time and expertise to perfect. But moms and grandmas will always and naturally instill that first and last delicious bite of homemade scones-the ones made with honesty and love beyond compare♥ Exactly what this place is all about!

So why not drop by and have a taste of a cozy Irish treat on a Friday or weekends and awaken your senses with these beautiful jams. I always go for something new and absolutely loved the subtle sweetness of pawpaw (papaya), and the perfect punch of lime & passionfruit! Beautiful combination. 

It feels great to walk out of a café with a happy heart, soul, and tummy!
Tea Cosy just made me ☺