Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Newfoundlove: wooden heels

Wood works in wonders.
I have an immense fondness for wooden heels, especially the simple and adorable Swedish clogs ♥ There is  something beautifully unique about wood that makes it stand out. Its solid and sturdy structure blends in so well with leather that it brings about such an elegant appeal!
I would never have thought nor imagined of liking clogs at all. To me, they looked heavy and too traditional. This credulous thought was formed by a picture of these colourful and heavy duty clogs worn by Dutch maids in the medieval times.

The first make of clogs dates back in the 1500s in Holland. Handmaid by artisans, these were usually worn by the working class such as farmers and factory workers to protect their feet. Today, they come in various designs and have become a fashion trend showcased by some of the upscale brands such as Viktor & Rolf, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

How about the original Swedish Hasbeens? Oh how I love the natural  High Peep Toe sandal and Jodhpur boots in chocolate!

In a cute little shop in the city, I found myself surrounded by wooden strappy sandals and boots. Like a kid in a lolly shop, my excitement couldn't be any greater that I tried so many pairs! Genuine leather straps came in red, blue, tan, orange, cream, and black. And guess what, I came home with these!

My eight month-old Swedish clogs by Funkis♥

I love how I can wear these with stockings in winter, socks in autumn and bare in spring and summer! 
They are surprisingly light and comfortable too. 
Funkis is an Australian brand that manufactures authentic Swedish clogs made of alder wood and lined with rubber grip soles.
These are my top picks:

Match this high plait sandal with skinny jeans

Natural leather and suede goes with any coloured clothing

Low sandal for an ultimately comfy casual day☺

A pair of wooden shoes is definitely a must-have!
Catch you later!