Thursday, 29 March 2012

Speak to On SDC's 2 One Another

Listen. Take my hand. We'll go together. Confused. Why? Isolation. Trust. Attachment. Passion. Pain. Love. Courage. Conviction. Freedom.
I found myself on the edge of my seat in complete astonishment as these magnificent bodies unfold on stage. 

Friday, March 23, 2012 marks my very first time to set foot on a Sydney Dance Company performance. Long have I waited for this moment. Honestly, the thrill and excitement I had that night was sky high! It felt like I was about to participate in a dazzling royal experience! 

The 896-seat theatre was packed, almost a full house. You would imagine the whole clamour in the room but when the light slowly dimmed, silence took its triumph. The curtains gradually unveiled the dancers. It was such a stunning picture! They began in darkness, with simple and minimal yet precise movements in unison. There wasn't any musical accompaniment as yet which I believe held the attention of the audience to a captivating feel in the subtlety of each movement. 

There were sixteen dancers, sixteen of the best ones in Australia. The physique they hold is evident of years of constant training and faithful health maintenance. I could tell you from my view how incredibly sculpted their bodies were. Their fully toned limbs exude unparalleled power and grace all at once. 

From the center of the stage, the dancers gradually evolved in pure refinement on all points of the set. Leaping, crawling, bodies interweaving, I found it very challenging to keep up. The intricacy of the dance has taken place. There was always something happening on every corner of the scene. The adrenalin was constantly present, rising and dropping in various levels. The music was gripping, lights were exhilarating. I would literally say, I was left on the edge of my seat. I truly felt the powerful intensity rushing through my veins.  But choreographer, Rafael Bonachela's brilliance comes to be even more surprising when all these scenes come together and once again form a synchronized flow. 

In this performance, each dancer has a story. They channelled me into their world, where every story is a microcosm in the lens of human interactions.  Bonachela says he began this work with a simple idea of “how we entered into this world with nothing, from that point on we are shaped by our experiences and relationships with the people we meet". The emotions when interacting with other people could be subtle and intense, even our relationship with ourselves. It's amazing how this simple fact could be made as a concept of a fresh and new creation, transformed into a beautiful work of art, a masterpiece. 

I couldn't help but reminisce on my dance performance at the Opera House back in 2007. We had some similar concepts such as a collage of minimal movements and intricate sequencing of scenes. It wasn't easy to do at all, but I miss it. It was a beautiful experience. Aaah, contemporary dance is bound to ignite our hearts!

Dance speaks in volumes. What does it tell you?

Listen. Take my hand. We'll go together. Confused. Why? Isolation. Trust. Attachment. Passion. Pain. Love. Courage. Conviction. Freedom.

Let dance take you on a journey.

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