Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dear blog,

(photo: Botswana, Africa)

I am in so much distress right now, I need to escape. Somewhere. Some place that will make me forget the unwanted. I don't need any addictive substance, just some decent place with the right people. I'm willing to give up my mobile, and the internet just to be at peace. I don't care if I have to climb another mountain or do another scary jump off a cliff! I'm up for a BIG adventure, and if it means conquering my own fears, I shall be at the forefront!

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  1. "Happiness is real only when shared." Truth is, I think happiness is more genuine when you have already discovered your innate happiness from being alone, when silence just magnifies the butterfly. Be strong my friend cause I know that what you are comes from how deep you've explored yourself.