Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Downton Vogue

Britain's hit series Downton Abbey is now playing in Australia! And because one episode a week truly pains me, I've decided to treat my excitement with a marathon of the entire first season. By far, I have delighted myself threefold ☺

I have an immense interest in old English films-long beautiful frocks, fascinating hats, cozy cottages, magnificent mansions, evergreen fields of daisies and daffodils, tea time anytime, sensible dialogues, and of course the lovely English accent, and sometimes Irish and Scottish too!

Downton Abbey is based on the Edwardian era housing a family of five (Lord and Lady Grantham, their three  daughters) and at least eleven servants. Each character has their own story, interesting in every way. Although there has always been a strict boundary between aristocrats and servants during that time, writer Julian Fellowes created a story equal for both parties and showed how their lives were all intertwined. What's happening donwstairs (servants) is just as interesting and intriguing as that of upstairs (Crawley Family).

Boasting genuine English style, frocks this beautiful and elegant are most seemingly paramount in every woman's life ☺ These are my top picks!

Lady Grantham/ Cora Crawley
Ivory frock embroidered with black patterns
feather and flower adorned tea hat 
a pair of lovely lace gloves
and a dainty wrist-strap bag
An overall standout at the horse races or garden party ♥

I rarely wear black, but offer me this one and I'll take it in a flash!
The wide V-neckline of this silk chiffon angel-sleeved frock flatters the angle of the shoulders.
With a black collar necklace and a pair of pearl drop earrings, this shall make a perfect evening outfit!

Lady Mary Crawley
Dainty blue and white really do complement each other. I love this top's unique features-from its white ribbed collar, ruffle crest-cut bodice, and angled ruffle cuffs-ever so pretty! I would pave London's countryside with this in a glorious sunny day. 

Burgundy and gold always remind me of queens and princesses in the renaissance period-reminiscent of royal colors. This frock truly complements Lady Mary's fair complexion and deep black hair.

Silk looks beautiful and feels beautiful. How I'd love to have the best of both worlds in this wrap around frock entwined with a classic embroidered motif. Teal is also a rare color for a frock. I would feel like a princess for a day in this outfit! 

♥Spring is just around the corner for a uniquely fresh look. I would enjoy a cup of tea in a garden party in this 2-way striped frock,
a flower adorned flapper hat and a pair of matinee gloves. 

Lady Edith Crawley
I absolutely adore this pale violet red empire frock. Its floral embroidery, fabric braid outline, and petal sleeves make it very princess-like. 

Lady Sybil Crawley
Here's a smart casual attire I would love to have in my wardrobe. 
Blush pink collared top clasped with a slim waist belt and a navy blue slim skirt.
Perfect for a social gathering, Sunday walk at the park, or a visit in the village's historical churches.

♥ My personal favourite ♥
Teal silk chiffon frock with white details, satin waistband and beaded pearl trimmings
Very sophisticated in every angle, ravishing day and night.
I would be honoured to pay the Queen a visit and wander in her royal gardens with this outfit! 

Sybil and I have something in common...a thirst for something different! 
This pair of Persian inspired silk harem dress pants is detailed with fine patterns.
Also notice the handcrafted headband with blue sapphire gemstone embellishment.
My ultimate Princess Jasmine outfit is a million dollar look!

Violet is the apple of my eye. 
I'd find myself prime and proper in Jane Austen's world in this gazar frock. 
The wide V-neckline and pointed flat collar makes it a youthful fashion.

So there you are!
Celebrate life in elegance and be inspired.
Watch Downton Abbey ☺ 

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