Saturday, 30 April 2011

Say it...with macarons = )

Delicate eggshell-like brittleness from the outside, 
soft meringue feel inside, 
velvety creme center...
then leaves a touch of chewiness that melts in your mouth.

The bells are ringing,
angels singing...
Halleluia! Give me some more!!!

I've discovered these heavenly treats about two years ago, when I ventured the La Renaissance Patisserie at The Rocks-right within the pulse of Sydney. Specializing in the ever brilliant French cakes and pastries made with excellent technique and irresistible goodness, La Renaissance brought me to a place I have never been before...Paris! 

My main purpose was to hunt for a Mother's Day present for mum. But coming out late from work with the evening darkness fast approaching, time was totally out of my grasp! Shopping centers have ended the day's work, so I was left with one last buy a cake. 

To my surprise, the tiny cafe was soo packed and almost about to explode with the hustle and bustle of customers all desperate to get their orders through. Intriguing enough, I took my chances until I managed to squeeze myself in! 

As the crowd gradually eased out, I found myself standing in front of the most magnificent creations I've never seen in my life! Like unique pieces of art exquisitely crafted by geniuses, these remarkable masterpieces are nowhere near the ones I came across before! Just when I thought Red Ribbon was the best, I'd probably be deemed "clueless". Well, I am indeed from the province, and my step into this world of discovery has only just begun! 

It took me ages before I finally made up my mind on what to get. The lady behind the counter was...should I say, trying to keep her patience intact! So, my gorgeous present was finally in the bag...when I could not help but notice these...

Upon curiosity, I picked a couple of flavours--rosewater and pistachio. These round treats were strangers to me until I made that first bite.
For a moment, I felt so levitated.
 I could not fathom the excitement that filled my senses with such delight! 

I fell in love...

The city buzz did not interfere. It was a quiet time with my sweet fantasy.

I've got to say, even Lindt's "Delice" didn't quite get there. I may not have tried any other macarons but my experience from La Renaissance told me, that was how they MUST taste like.

I've seen Masterchef contestants go through hell in making these.
But with egg whites, caster sugar, and almond meal...what else could go wrong???
A sous chef once told me, the actual cooking of macarons in the oven is the critical point. You have to do it right otherwise it's make or break!

If macarons take perfection by experience, what about Adriano Zumbo's macaron tower?
I have not had the guts to make macarons just as yet...but I sure am waiting for the right time to walk into Zumbo's magnificent realm in Balmain!

All I need is time...time to save up. Since it'll be a trek to go up there, I will not allow myself to leave the shop without a whole box!!!

These are my melting moments.